quilt monday

How is it only a week until Christmas?? Sadly, I am still working. I had hoped to wrap everything up on the the 14th but some quilts just took longer than expected. Thankfully I should be finished with only 2 more days of work. Than it's time to sit back and relax!

I found some fabulous charm squares earlier this fall and knew they would make the cutest teachers presents.  I can't decided which line I like more.

I did two in this line.
sorry, crappy lighting.

I love the prints in this line. And the fabrics!

And the other two

Pretty, pretty!!

I kept it simple(and fast lol) and meandered all 4 runners. Now I have to get going and get the binding done on the last 3 so I can drop them off tomorrow!


Three Birds Inspired said...

I bet teachers cannot wait to have one of your sons in their class! Back when my boys were in school I didn't quilt. Teachers got a coffee mug with either hershey kisses in it or a stack of cookies. They must have hated me!

Anonymous said...

Such thoughtful gifts! And will be much loved/used! The best on all your Christmas preparations/finishes....Blessings, Doreen

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