in the zone

I have been cranking out the quiltie goodness lately. Now I need to find to quilt some stuff for myself :p
 I posted about my Bento Box oops here. I ripped it all apart and a few hours later,

I'm not sure how I feel about the brown; I hope I have enough to bind it with that, should tie together than.

I went a little crazy and bought up bunches of Double Chocolat and made the following,

a table runner

a fabulous zigzag,

and a stripy quilt,

I think I'm done with this line lol.

Next, I made 3 twin quilts and a baby quilt earlier this year. I was so sick of the fabric that I shoved all the leftovers in a box and left them. Until this week.
Wednesday I pulled the blocks out and ended up with two more baby quilts.

I'm still debating taking the borders off and adding a white inner border but being lazy may win out.

And lastly, another table runner.

I fell in love with this Share the Joy line.
I might have to pick up a few more charm packs and make these for teacher gifts this year. It's time to start thinking Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think I would add the white border. Quilt it and bind it and it will be lovely. The Bento quilt will do nicely with the brown binding---you're right it will tie it together! You have been busy!!! Tis the time of year!!!!! Hugs, D

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