quilt monday

I've had a cupcake quilt kit for a few years now. I wanted to make the quilt for myself and display it during the month as my birthday quilt. I finally decided that this year I was getting it made. I got it all cut out and there was a lot of extra fabric. Enough to make a wall hanging for a bestie's 35th birthday.

quilted with a meander

Isn't cute? The center block is supposed to be an appliqued purse. What a purse has to do with cake and cupcakes is beyond me so I left it out.

I doubled up the batting on this and love how it's puffy. I am convinced I took a quilted close up picture of the cupcake block but I couldn't find it to pop it into this post.

So because we can't just have one picture, here's a picture from Cherie Lynn's surprise party that I hosted on the weekend.

Happy Monday!!

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Anonymous said...

Way too cute!!!!!

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