Fall is my favoritest season. Fall this year has been a weird one. We are still experiencing summer-like weather; the pool stayed up almost until the end of September. I still haven't done any back to school clothing shopping because the boys are all still wearing shorts and loving it.

I finally dragged out my fall quilts on the weekend. I figured even though it didn't feel like fall, since it was Thanksgiving, the house better look like fall lol. 

A few weeks ago I discovered a fall wall hanging quilt that I had forgotten I had.

I spent just under 2 hours on Friday cutting it out(seriously, TWO hours?? it's not even big!) Between church and company arriving Sunday, I got all the appliquing finished and yesterday

I need to embroider the mouths on the gourds and give the birds some legs. Now I hope I can get it quilted before it's time to pull out the Christmas decorations.


Darlene said...

Love it, love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing what a "time crunch" can do for a quilter's/crafter's output! LOL!

QuiltNut Creations said...

Too true!

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