hello hello!!

Hello readers!
I had no idea I wouldn't be posting for a whole week. I actually didn't turn my computer on after Tuesday; I really did take a holiday lol. 

It was a great 10 days off. Jim and I surprised the boys with a trip to Whistler. We hadn't been up there in 15yrs, it was a little different looking. 

I spent almost no time sewing last week. I had been given a jelly roll of Birds and Berries. I wasn't overly fond of the fabric but it was something to play with.

I pulled out my favorite jelly roll book, On a Roll Again and ended up with this.

Somewhere along the way, I ended up short 3 fabric strips so I had to piece 3 blocks together so I could complete the top. I went back and double checked all my cutting and still have no idea what happened lol.

So that's it for my week off. One quilt but lots of memories. Now I need to catch up on all my blog reading from last week!


Kimberly said...

I've considered that line... it surprised me that I actually kind of like the purple in it! Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Love the quilt's simplicity! Right now I have been trying to catch up with the blog reading, too! I feel the last 10 days 'blipped' out of my life way too quickly. Many family, and other, events contributed to the time warp. Welcome back. Time away is not a bad thing!-D

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