quilt monday

I have a love/hate relationship with Thangles quilts. The first one I made, I enlarged it to a king-size quilt. And it drove me nuts lol. The second one I gave away. I swore I would never do another. Well, guess what? lol.

This time I really struggled. Once I got the quilt together, I discovered I would have to add just under 30 inches of borders to make it big enough for our bed. And I was oh so sick of this quilt. Fast forward to this past February, I had a lap version on my quilting machine when I had someone comment that they would love to have a quilt like that.

A few days later, I had this.

Quilted with Kiss Curls
I love how it turned out. I always put the same panto on the Thangles quilts, it was nice to do a different one.

Now to finish the last few inches of binding, add a label and mail this off to it's new home.


Darlene said...

Another beauty. :-)

Zanymouse said...


Andy said...

the quilting looks beautiful..as does the quilt!

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