snow day

Even though we live in Canada, where we are(southern part of British Columbia. only 3 hours north of Seattle), we don't see a lot of snow. And when we do get snow, it's wet, heavy and usually melts in a few hours. Until this weekend.

All last week we were hearing of winter finally arriving. Temps here have been warmer than normal(around 10*C which is around 50*F). This weekend we hovered around 0*(32*F) and today it's been -5*C(23*F). And the snow came.

It arrived Saturday; we got about 4 inches and the kids played. Sunday was beautiful; blue skies, a few flakes and the kids played. 

We woke this morning to this, 

Beautiful huge fluffy flakes. Lots of dry light powdery snow. Just before lunch, we had 10 inches measuring in our backyard. And it's coming down fast enough that our driveway can use another shoveling already.

So it is the perfect day to finish off these little quilties. 

I had some free time Friday afternoon at work and got these quilted up. Now all we need is a Christmas tree !

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Kimberly said...

It's crazy isn't it? MEI closed right away so the kids are having a great day... decorating cookies, playing outside, picnic lunch in front of a movie, and now Robyn took them sledding. Whew... if they don't sleep tonight, I know I sure will!

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