quilt monday

The back-up plan quilt for my sister in law for Christmas. You can read why it's the back up plan here. Lucky for me, Erica loved it. And I love it much more since it's been quilted than I did when I first made it. 

Pieced from a layer cake of Full Circle. I loved this line online but once I got the fabric, not so much. It sat on my sewing table for months; one night I decided to sew it together just to get it out of my sight lol. And the back up plan was born.

Quilted simply with straight lines, they brought the quilt to life.

Today is my first day back to work. I got so much accomplished last week with my week off; can't wait to show you! 


Katherine said...

Very pretty! The quilting was a perfect choice.

Pam B said...

Love it! You did a wonderful job on the quilt.


QuiltSue said...

I've just ordered some fabric from the same range, now I'm having second thoughts. Eeekkkk!

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