I love thread. I love it like I love fabric. I love to buy it, look at it, enjoy it. And all the choices; solids, variegateds, cottons and polys.

I get asked a lot, which thread is best. My diplomatic answer, the thread YOU feel is best. I have my favorites(we'll talk about that in a little bit), but I feel you should buy the best thread you can afford. Some sewing machines(and longarm machines) work better with some threads and other threads just won't work at all.

For me, my favorite piecing thread is Aurifil or Genziana thread. Genziana is the closest match I have seen to Aurifil and I have found it for almost half the price and there is more thread on the spool(just an fyi). I also use both 40wt and 50wt; I don't have a preference.

Unfortunately, Genziana doesn't come in varigated colors. So when I am longarming, for a cotton variegated thread, I will use King Tut. Superior Threads are my favorite for longarming. Except for Rainbow threads; for some reason, my longarm machine does not like them. And the other machine we have, it and Rainbow threads get along great.

Now poly threads; don't panic that I quilt(piece and quilt!) with poly threads. Today's poly threads are so gentle most you can break with your hands like cotton threads. And the color choices! I adore SoFine thread; the range of colors is fantastic. I'm also starting to love Glide thread; the sheen on this thread is fabulous.

(let's all pretend that I took some more pictures of thread from work and it's right here okay?)

Like I said earlier, this is just my opinion(and Superior/Auriful/Glide/Genziana threads have no idea who am I. I wasn't paid or asked to promote these thread; it's just what I use personally). You may have used one of these threads and preferred a different thread. Does that make your thread or my thread choice wrong? No, it's all our own choices; just use the best thread you cna afford. And experiment! Don't be afraid to try new threads.

Next week, I have a post on how far a spool of thread(Aurifil in this case) will actually last. I was pretty surprised.


Andy said...

cool! It's always nice to hear what other people are using for quilting. Good info..thanks:)

Nanna said...

love all your threads, seeing thread in my sewing room for some reason makes me smile LOL, I've yet to start using the quilting threads, looks like another collectionstarted LOL

QuiltSue said...

That was interesting, thanks. My Big Bertha only really likes to play with King Tut on top and either the same or a prewound underneath. I am thinking of getting the tension guauges to try and see if I can then use others and get a good stitch.

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