weekend wrap-up

Best weekend EVER. It was one of those weekends were everything just fell into place and went right.

Earlier in the week, I invited one of our favorite families over for Saturday night; and was quite saddened when they said no. The reason they gave was that I had just finished a killer week and Jim has a pretty intense week coming up; R and C wanted us to have a weekend to veg and relax. And tonight? I'm thrilled they said no.

I sewed all-weekend-long. Yes, ALL WEEKEND LONG. Here's what I got done.

Completed the two baby quilts for the shower on Tuesday.
This one just needed the borders added(and that literally took me 5 hours on Friday. I was terrified that was a sign to come lol).

For the second, I had gotten as far as making the hsts.

Now to get them quilted tomorrow!

Then I used the leftover layer cake squares from this quilt and ended up with TWO more baby quilts.

There are a little smaller then I like for baby quilts so I'll need to order some yardage for borders. Good news, there isn't an immediate need for these.

Then I took some fat quarters to make a lap quilt. Sadly I got distracted and did the cutting wrong :( So I ended up with a table topper instead. But the recipient will never know and I think it turned out super cute.

Lastly, I had a few more Pure blocks left so I made a little table runner for myself.

I'm really really impressed with the pattern(find it here). One layer cake, about 3 yards of Kona snow and I got 3 baby quilts and a table runner. You can't beat that!

I should say that I did sleep this weekend too. On Saturday I didn't get out of bed until 10am and was back in bed by midnight. And Jim and I watched a movie Saturday night. I also cooked all weekend; no take-out was had. And I even got the laundry all washed, folded and put away. This was definitely MY weekend :)


QuiltSue said...

Wowwee, what a productive weekend you had. I see you used the Lily and Will range of fabrics. I love that and have a jelly roll of the yellows, which I'm planning to use with white to make a summer quilt for our bed.

Andy said...

You are one busy girl over there!!! Now I know why my weekend was so unproductive and didn't flow at all...you must've stole all my mojo! You'd better pay me back;)

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