to custom or not to custom

I get asked this question a lot; would you custom this quilt? Why didn't you custom this/that one? Most of the times custom/freehanding quilting comes down to cost; it can get pretty pricey depending on what you have done.

When I was at Quilts Canada last year, I went to Mark Lipinski's trunk show and was shocked to see that most of his quilts are not customed. They were quilted with simple pantographs or meandered. Why? It doesn't take away from the fabrics/piecing.

Tilly brought in this Judy Niemeyer quilt. Judy is another quilter who mainly pantos her quilts and I did the same with Tilly's quilt. In fact, the pattern I put on Tilly's is the same pattern that was quilted on one of Judy's quilts.

See how the quilting doesn't take away from the quilt?

I love it. Another fabulous quilt from Tilly.

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Jeni said...

Beautiful quilt and great choice on the quilting! I think any custom work would have been lost on those fabrics. Must have been thick under all those paper pieced star points...did you go up a needle?

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