welcome 2011

Obviously I never got back here to post the Christmas quilties I had made. We had a small party New Years Eve(too much fun!) and than Saturday was spent recovering(we didn't even get out of bed until almost noon lol). Put away all the Christmas decorations and had my parents over for dinner; it was a lovely way to start the new year.

I didn't get as many things made this year as I had hoped but I did get everything completed.

My mom has always admired my fabric wreath, I had planned to have the boys do one for her for Christmas. Until I discovered that she made one. I quickly went to plan B and had the boys do one with a Christmas theme.

I can't tell you what fabric line was used; the fabrics are from a sample scrap bag. We used all the cream prints on the inside ring and than alternated red and green through the middle two. The outer ring is the darker cream/tan prints. I love how it turned out.

My favoritest quiltie I made this Christmas was for Cindy. Cindy loves pears and she has always admired a pear quilt that I have. In November I discovered a beautiful pear fabric that matched Cindy's kitchen; it was perfect!

I didn't think this would get finished in time. Monday of Christmas week, J got sick. The next day it hit B, than Wednesday morning was my turn, than Jim. That night A came down with it. Thankfully we were all better by Christmas Eve and I ran off to work to get Cindy's quilt quilted.

I stippled in the middle around the pears and did a continuous curve in the 9patch blocks. The black border got a loopy meander. Now I think I need to make a new one for myself.

Tomorrow, I'll show you a few more.

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