the good news

Is that we still have today and tomorrow to slack off on. The bad news? And it's not necessarily bad, I haven't accomplished as much as I had hoped to on the quilting front. And now Jim and I are batting #3's cold/flu symptoms; at least no one is missing work and school.

I hit up a fabric sale yesterday and got the last bits I needed to finish off my Christmas projects. Before the sale I made up my list of who is getting what; it's not as scary as I had imagined lol.

I got a border fabric for the fairies quilt. It finishes off the quilt perfectly.

And finished the Wildflower Serenade quilt. It's not as big as I had thought but I don't want to add borders to it. Will have to think about it for now.

The biggest time killer was my siggy block quilt. I put it together a few months ago and because I rushed it, the signatures ended all in different directions(sort of like the pictures in the post :P) So Wednesday night I pulled it apart. It took almost ALL DAY on Thursday to redo. And not every block needed remade; most just needed a 1/4 turn.

But it's finished to the flimsy stage and will probably have to wait until after Christmas to get quilted. All the bright colors make me happy.

I just finished a batch of Oatmeal Shortbread Cookies(go try them, you won't regret it!) putting on my favorite movie and spending the rest of the day sewing. Goal is 2 before Christmas birthday presents.

of course this picture is straight ;) lol

Happy Saturday!


Andy said...

sounds like a very productive and fun day!

Barb said...

You are a QUILTING MACHINE! Wow, you finish your projects at an amazing pace! And they're all beautiful too.

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