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This post is a long one.

Today is BC Day here in BC. Most of Canada has a holiday of some sort depending on which province you live in. Jim also kicks off a week of holidays; we've planned to spend the week at home doing day trips. So far at least ;)

Instead of Quilt Monday, I thought I would do a big post with some of the customer quilts I have completed over the past 2 months and simply have not had the time to blog. So still a Quilt Monday, just not quilts of mine.


For Sylvia's granddaughters.

The pink one was quilted with Angel Wings and the blue one with Butterflies and Loops.

For Teresa. Quilted with Daisy Chain.

Sophia's Oriental Beauty. Quilted with Mimosa.

Debbie's Batik.

She asked for a Geometrical pattern and this was the closest we had. Such a wild looking pattern but it so worked on this quilt; Shades of Anasazi

Yo Yo's for Tracy.

Sylvie saw this quilt in a magazine and recreated it. It was/is stunning.

Quilted with Floral Meander.

Flurry for Tilly.

Marie requested Floral Meander on this bali pop quilt.

And the last two were by Joyce. This first one was a graduation present for her grandson. The quilt was than being entered in a summer fair this month. Good luck Joyce!
Quilted with Flowing Feathers.

And Botanica.

Lastly, Rambler Rose.

And another favorite of Chai.


Mary-Kay said...

Great quilting job on all your customer's quilts! I especially liked the Flurry pattern on Tilly's blackwork quilt. When I'm done mine would you consider quilting it for me in the same pattern? I would ship it to you and pay for the return also. Beautiful job! It's the first time I've ever seen one close enough where you can actually see the quilting.

Robin Beck said...

See, I didn't view that as a long post, just a very beautiful one!!!


Nanna said...

loved looking at the quilts, thanks for sharing

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