there's no place like home

Wow, what a vacation that was! Let me fill you in on some high(low)lights.

We've stayed at this lake a few times in the past. The cabins are lovely, the fishing fantastic and the weather always spectactular. This years trip was a little different. My parents decided that they wanted to share a cabin with us; for 8 days. All of us adults were a little apprehensive but we could make this work.

We were staying in a gorgeous log cabin. Which we soon discovered was infested with carpenter ants. Ewwww! But we could handle that. What we couldn't handle? The discovery at 1am in the morning; a MOUSE running along the ceiling beams right above the boys' heads. Did I mention that the day we arrived at the cabin was also B's 10th birthday? He was the one that discovered our unwelcomed furry friend.

Jim spoke to the caretakers the next day; they in turn handed us rat poison. Most unimpressive. Jim filled the hole where we saw the mouse enter the cieling; we figured all was good.

No one slept well that first night.

Day 2, more ant squishing. But we were determined to have some fun. We did some lake sightseeing and mom and I dug out our sewing stuffs and had some playtime of our own. Jim ended the day off catching this lovely rainbow trout for dinner.

The fun of day 2 quickly ended when I discovered ants in M's bed. And when mom discovered the mouse ON her bed, well, this trip was over. We than discovered MrMouse had gnawed it's way into some of our food. There we were at midnight packing all our food into bins while dad and Jim chased the rodent around the cabin.

No sleep again night 2. But we did get our money back in the morning and off we went for another place to stay.

Because it was the Canada Day long weekend; we weren't very hopeful in finding somewhere new to stay. And to all our surprise, we ended up at a horse ranch for 2 days.

We ended up renting an entire house at the ranch, and it was fantastic. A big playfort and trampoline for the kids, lots of privacy; it was sooo relaxing. Except we couldn't fish. And staying in a house isn't really camping.

The next day, on a spur of the moment, drove 5 more hours North and went to Barkerville. My parents had taken me a few times as a child; Jim and the boys had never been. We had a wonderful time.

Than we got to move to a new cabin and it was wonderful. Look at the view from our cabin.

The 5 days we were there, we had deer wander into our campsite daily.

The kids loved this giant chess set.

And mom and I quickly set up sewing central.

I didn't get as much done as I had wanted. I did finish this table runner.

And I started on a jelly roll quilt.

I also planned on working on(finishing) my double wedding ring quilt.

Now I have to be honest about this quilt. I bought this fabric about 6 or so years ago. I'm lucky I still love it lol. It set me back around $500. It sat in a box cut out until earlier this year when mom and I spent an afternoon working on it.

I sewed 5 hours on this quilt one day. And the next ended up taking all the blocks apart. I even went as far as throwing the quilt into the garbage(mom saved it). I honestly doubt I will ever ever finish this.

So, if you are interested, I'm open to selling it. It's all cut out for a kingsized quilt(9 blocks by 10). Let me know.

Even with our almost misadventure, it was a wonderful holiday. I've almost finished the laundry and tomorrow it's back to work.

Can't wait until we go again.

PS-all of us did survive spending 8 days together :)


Mary-Kay said...

It sounds like your vacation worked out fine in the end. Don't sell that quilt. You should finish making it and then quilt it up and you might end up loving it. If you don't you can always give it as a gift or a raffle quilt for charity.

Kimberly said...

So... all's well that ends well! Barkerville is fabulous! I'd love to take my kids there!
And do you have a pattern for a jelly roll quilt? I've been trying to look around for one as I have a great jelly roll and bundle of fq's that are patiently waiting for me.

Sarah said...

I love Barkerville. Sorry about the first 2 days of your trip. I hate mice more than I hate spiders. So wrong to have to share a cabin with rodents. Glad it all turned out well in the end.

Rachel said...

Very entertaining!

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