now that was a long long day

Had a horribly long day at work today. It was fun but just looooooooooong. Came home, said goodnight to the little ones than off to get groceries. Now I can finally sit down for a few minutes and get the promised blog post up for you :)

I made this quilt, I would say roughly 3years ago. It sat in my to-be quilted closet since than. I knew I wanted some custom on it; I had purchased a chicken tracks pattern that I really wanted to put in the borders. What was holding me back was deciding if I should buttonhole around all the appliqued pieces.

Before we left on our holidays in June, I grabbed the quilt and decided I was quilting it. I ended up pulling the borders off and making them a little bigger to fit the chicken pattern and away I went.

I put the bird tracks in the borders; I do wish I had gone with a darker thread so they would have stood out. They do look really cute on the back though lol.

In the body of the quilt, I did a loopy meander; I love meander like this! And a geometrical design in the green check of the quilt. I'll be honest, I was going for a cross-hatch look when I put my ruler in the wrong spot and noticed too late. But I do love how it turned out.

After it was all said and done, I realized that I should have buttonholed the quilt. And that just got finished on Friday. As you can see, the binding still needs sewn down. And some black buttons add to the chickens eyes.

But after waiting 3yrs for it to get quilted, what's a few more days waiting for the last little touches? lol!


Three Birds Inspired said...

Cute chickens!

Barb said...

Such great colours and a cute pattern.

Lorie said...

Goodness gracious...that is adorable!

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