meet Hoot and Annie

While at Quilts Canada, my sister in law Erica and I found this adorable owl pattern. A few days into the show, we decided to buy it and go owl crazy.

The most exciting part may have been getting to play with the Texture Magic. You layer the texture magic with fabric and batting and than quilt on it. I decided to do a grid pattern. The first one I drew out; for the second I winged it.

Than you quilt it.

Now the fun part; shrinking. The info on the texture magic said it would shrink up to 30%; we felt it didn't shrink as much as we had expected. Still it was pretty neat.

Than it was owl cutting time. Lots of cutting. Have to love Erica's eager helper.

Sadly, this was a far as we got before exhaustion kicked in. Hey, we worked hard at Quilts Canada! Erica said to leave the owls with her and she would finish them.

Than Tuesday, I got a package in the mail. Inside, two Annies


Erica did awesome. Look at what she accompished! Hoot and Annies for everyone!!

Hoot is the taller, skinner owl. Annie the other.

I love how many the pattern made. With a few extra fat quarters, Erica got all these done.

Erica sent something extra with my Annies.

Looks like I have some sewing to do ;)


Elizabeth said...

Maybe you got a 'dud' batch of texture magic (lol) because I saw a quilt at the guild show recently that had sunflowers done with it and they were way wrinkly/shrunken.

Anyway, those owls are . . . a hoot! (pun totally intended). Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

Jilly's Space said...

Okay...I am in LOVE with you sweet owls!!! I am going to have to track down that pattern :-)

Annie said...

Great job on the Hoot 'n' Annie owl softies! I am the designer of the pattern and would love to include a link to your post on my blog. Do you mind?

I have found that I get a pretty consistent 20% shrinkage with the Texture Magic. The chart in the package is calculated on a 30% shrinkage. I always go with those measurements as that allows me to trim pieces when I'm done and gives me some flexibility when cutting.

You'll find that you'll get more texture if you stitch closer together. One of my favorite stitches is the serpentine stitch. I stitch it in a 3/4" or 1" grid and it looks like I've stippled when I'm done.

You'll find images of the Hoot 'n' Annie's that I've made and more info about the pattern at my website:

Be sure to check out the Annie owl that I made using Minkee fabric. I love how it looks like feathers when it's texturized. AND, the Texture Magic stabilizes the Minkee so it doesn't stretch when you go to stuff it. (Annie already looks too much like me. . . we don't need to give her even bigger hips!)

I've got some Halloween softies in the works, so you might want to sign up for my email newsletter for more info when they are available.

Happy stitching,


Michelle Vandepol said...

love the owls!might have to dispatch my crafter to make copies of them :)

Sukhdeepak said...

Very beautiful owls. I would like to make it for myself.

Anonymous said...

I love those owls, Quiltie!


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