every quilt tells a story

And Therese has a story for this quilt. She had been working on it than went out. When she came home, she smelled a funny smell. The quilt had fallen off her sewing table and landed on an electric baseboard heater. The entire center of the quilt was scorched.

With no extra fabrics on hand, Therese appliqued the flower to the quilt to cover up the scorch marks. I should have taken a picture of it from the back; they were really quite bad.

Quilted with Bloomin Stars

Thank you for all your kind comments on the loss of Abby. We knew it would be soon; she would have been 17 this fall. She was apart of our family for 13 years and was greatly loved.


Barb said...

I am sorry about Abby!!

That quilt is beautiful and so glad she salvaged it...you probably can't even tell even up close.

Myra said...

Oh my! That is terrible, but what a save she came up with!!! Good for her! 8-)

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