card friday

Had such a fabulous day! So great that I am just getting on here now at 10pm to post for today lol.

Started off meeting a friend this morning at my favoritest restaurant. Nothing beats a rainy Friday morning than a great cup of tea and conversation with a wonderful friend.

Buckingham Palace tea; oh so yummy. And the teapots, I love them all! I hadn't seen the one before that I got today. Lovely!

Than it was off to school. Today was my day to help out with lunch supervision. I was very happy to have today as an *indoor day* since it was so very wet outside.

After, Mom and I went to Hamels Fabrics. I have signed up for Rachel's Modern Siggy Swap. I knew which fabrics I wanted and to my happiness, they were on sale!

Mom and I have both doing Rachel's Pinwheel Sampler. I went with Portebello Market for this one. Can't wait to get started on it.

When we got back to my place, I was thrilled to discover Dad and Jim working away on our dead dryer. I am thrilled to report that it is now working-yay! Even Gizmo got in on the diagnosing of the problem lol.

So now, Card Friday. I may have shown this card before. If so, please forgive me!

And the winner of my giveaway is, Judy from My Front Porch! Thanx for entering everyone!


Judy said...

I love it! I'm off to Hamel's to pick out some fun try out some new patterns. Thanks so much!

Loris said...

That Gizmo is such a hard worker!
I love the photo :-)

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