The last week I was longarming, we had two customers show up to have quilts done with no appointment. Because the quilts were small, I agreed to do them. Both were completed overnight of the customer dropping them off which made them so happy.

This quilt was pieced with authentic Kona fabrics from Hawaii. Gorgeous! I love how the pattern, Oriental Clouds, shows up on the back.

I got this kit 3 years ago for Christmas and quilting this quilt made me go home and cut out my kit(and yes, that is as far as I've gotten on it lol)

Quilted with Floral Meander.


Lorie said...

Even though I don't comment often...I LOVE to see your quilting and long arm are 'da bomb!

quilt said...

the art of making quilts is not simple and you make them beautifully.The color combination and the fabric is nice but most of all the way you put in together is wonderful.

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