quilt monday

I got this stack of fat quarters from Hamels Quilt Shop about 2 years ago. I've tried numerous times to get new mom's excited about sock monkeys too but they didn't go for it. Than I figured, if you want a quilt, this is what you get lol!

Pattern is Yellow Brick Road. I love how quick it goes together. Originally there was no border and I couldn't find any fabric to go with the quilt. I was going to just leave it as is but than I was putting some fabric away in my stash and I found this purple swirl fabric that was perfect. I love how it tones down the plethora of pink!

I had a piece of lilac minkee and I used that for the backing; perfect!

Quilted with Sprung


Elizabeth S. said...

Pretty!! Love the colors.

Jeni said...

he he! i make my boys hold up quilts too!!! :)

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