the morning after

Last night I threw myself a birthday party. And if I may say so, it was FANTASTIC. It was a Twilight themed party(shocking I know lol) and I had so much fun with the decorating and planning.

I bought a magazine and cut out my favorite pictures and put them on the walls. Also had the kids cut out tons of apple shapes and slapped those up everywhere too. I also had some red, white and black balloons but for some reason I didn't get a picture of them.

I even went as far as buying red lightbulbs for the lamp lol

I saw the quote idea here. Lots of my other party ideas were from here. There were so many great ideas I found by simply Googling.

Cake table

And the cake.

My friend Deana did an amazing job with this cake. It tastes as yummy as it looks too.
The original cake can be seen here

I did apple cookies and dog bone ones too. Thanx to Cindy for icing them for me! Cindy also gave me a sweet 16s roll of Figgy Pudding fabric! YAY!!!

And what might be my favoritest gift; thanx Jill!

Than we sat back and watched Twilight(were I drove everyone crazy quoting the movie lol. I have no idea how many times I've seen it now). Thanx to everyone for making it such an awesome night!


Jilly's Space said...

Oh, how fun!! I have tickets to take my daughter, son and friend to NewMoon and we are planning a little pre-party. I don't think I could pull out your fabulous job, but definately gave me some ideas. Thanks :-)

rachel griffith said...

oh my gee ohh dee.
why don't we live closer???

Myra said...

Sounds like you all had lots of fun... 8-)

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