Sorry for the unplanned absence. Wednesday we got a newsletter home from our boys's school; it was being closed Thursday and Friday because 40% off the school population had the flu. No one has confirmed if it was/is H1N1 but the school was told to shut down and is currently being entirely disinfected.

So instead of going into work or spending 2 bonus days crafting, I decided to tear about our family room and paint.

Turned out to not be the smartest idea I've had. With 4 kids home and Jim trying to work, the only other TV is in his office. It was a tad chaotic lol.

And with the painting decision being almost spur of the moment, I didn't have any time to schedule some posts for you. Sorry about that!!

Now the family room is back to normal. The paint wasn't a big change but it's freshened up the room. The color is lighter than I had expected but it makes the room look so much lighter and bigger. And hopefully it will look good with some more changes coming hopefully next week ;)

I did get two cards made today. And yes, I used the penguin again. I have certainly gotten my $9 worth out of him!!

I'll show the other card later next week. It's off in the mail for now.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Lorie said...

I wish I had the courage to just paint a room one day. I think I'm lazy more than anything else...lol! Great card...I still love that penguin!

Barb said...

You were ambitious...

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