is this the kind of iron

You put water into?

That was a quote from last night. And to protect the innocent(giggle) I'm not going to reveal WHO said that, but it was pretty funny. Or maybe we were just all overtired.

Anyway, last night Sarah invited a bunch of us over to have another bag making night. Cindy and I were both going to do the large patchwork bag from the fall issue of Quilts and More. Sarah and Marcia were making more of these totes and Alexa was doing a messenger bag

I really wish I had precut my fabric. I think it took just under an hour to cut all the pieces. Than I discovered after I had cut almost all my interfacing that it WASN'T fusible-ahhhhhhh. But than Cindy had the idea to sew the bag together and than put a whole sheet of interfacing on it, instead of per piece. I did that and it has worked great. Thanx for the great tip Cindy!

I didn't get the entire bag done. And it's a BIG bag lol. I used leftovers of Moda Chocolat(still my favorite) See how it looks like a fabric garbage can? lol

And here's the completed(mostly lol) bags.

Mine is on the left, than Sarah's two tote bags she made for her sons to take to their piano lessons. Next is Marcia's tote(LOVE this Pixie Belle fabric from Fabricland. Really fighting bringing some home lol.) Marcia also made a little holder for all her crochet needles etc; isn't it cute? Than we have Alexia's messenger bag(now that fabric I am not going to fight getting. It's a beautiful denim. That will soon be living in my fabric stash lol) And than Cindy's In Town Bag by Amy Butler

We were able to convince Alexa to model her messenger bag but she said we had to cut off her head lol

Cindy and I headed home at midnight. I have to finish up my bag lining and than shove the whole thing together. Sarah and Marcia actually started more bags when we left and Sarah completed one of these 4patch Swing Bags but I believe she made her's bigger. Check out the changes she made. It's posted on her blog.

Thanx for such a fun evening!!


Jilly's Space said...

How fun!!

Barb said...

Sounds like alot of fun

alexa said...

Just reading your title made me laugh all over again... ROTFL

Here's the bag I made:

Next time (i sew) i will have to try the swing bag (larger version!)

Anonymous said...

Oh...sounds like so much fun getting together with the gals for a stitch night!

onlymehere said...

Looks like great fun!

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