weekend warrior

That is what Jim is today. We have lived here 6 years and I've been asking(begging/pleading) with Jim to pressure wash the house. Today was the big day.

No slacking off for me either. I got the whole front garden weeded. I'm thinking now I probably should have slathered on some sunscreen.

The house really needed done-ewww

Safety first lol.

Jim even moved the boat and did that area too


So much for those socks


I wonder what I can get him to do tomorrow? lol


Three Birds Inspired said...

That's the thing with power washers. Men hate getting them out and set up but once they are, look out! My husband used to put it off as long as possible and then spend an entire day power washing EVERYTHING he could think of. Sometimes we had the prettiest driveway and sidewalk!

Rachel said...

My husband LIKES to power wash. Weird. He also likes to made hearts in the much. Sweet!

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