Thanx to everyone who entered my Fall into Fall Giveaway. There is still time to enter here. And because I've had over 100 enteries, I'm adding another prize, but I have to finish it first lol!

We had a great weekend with my brother and sister in law here for Thanksgiving. Today I made a little quilt for my sister in law. I saw one on a blog a few months ago and was intrigued. The quilts are designed to fit inside ready made picture frames. (Fit to Frame's website)

I was going to frame it but than we would have had to leave the house today lol. Erica liked the idea of it just being a mini quilt. I'm thinking it would be nicer in a frame as to hide my completely inaccurate quilting lol. I'm thinking it was the little pieces. I measured all my seam allowances and they were all 1/4inch but the quilt is totally out of whack(the pieces don't line up like they should)

But Erica loves it; I think it's pretty cute. I quilted it on the diagonal in one inch intervals-and the black funky edge is the binding that isn't sewn down yet. And sorry the picture is blurry. It poured rain today and I had a horrible time getting the picture. Oh, the quilt measures 11x14 inches


Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

It's very cute! What size is it?

Three Birds Inspired said...

I saw these at a quilt show and thought they were clever. However, I know that my piecing will probably never be accurate enough to do a small quilt and keep it square so I resisted purchasing a pattern. After reading what happened to yours, I will keep resisting!! I DO love the colors in yours!

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