i've noticed that i've become a better piecer since getting my longarm quilting machine. just simple little changes i've made that in the end, makes a better looking project.

i've been spending the past few days trying to get my thangle blocks finished from last year before i start on this year's set. you would think that since you use templates to create each block, your piecing would be basically dead on. no such luck in my case.

i finished this block earlier today and noticed when i was ironing it, how *out* the seams were. i debated about leaving it but i couldn't do it. so i bit of reverse stitching and i am happy i fixed it(sorry the pictures are blurry!).

now on to my last 2 blocks!


Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

It looks fantastic! I cant' wait to see your finished quilt.

Cheryl said...

Great job on your reverse sewing! I have done a bit of that tonight myself. Your quilt is going to be wonderful when it's done!

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