mmmmmm fabric

i had heard that our local Liquidation World was having a big fabric sale before Christmas-i was good and stayed away.
and lately i've been reading on too many local blogs about the great deals on the fabric they still had, i just had to go check it out

i didn't get allot but i did find some great deals. most of what i bought will be used for quilt backings or backgrounds. the black/grey/red floral is the exact color scheme my sister in law has in her living room and i'm hoping i have enough fabric there to make up something for her.

the deal of the day was the Moda Chocolat fabric. this one was/is one i don't particularly care for but when i got it measured out(she wrote down 6meters and there was just over 7 left) and realized there was enough to back my king sized Thangles quilt i'm doing with this Moda line, i had to take it. and even better, when my purchase was rang up, $31.82 after taxes?!?! what a steal!

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