implements of torture

with spending 95% of last week working on the website, i am very behind on my longarming.
i thought i should start with something quick and easy-a cute Halloween panel that i was planning on doing a new pumpkin pattern on. i got started, all was going well when i stopped to answer the phone. came back into the room and horrors, the quilt pattern was upside down on the quilt-eek!!

not sure how well you can make it out in the picture(click on the picture to make it larger should do it) but it was a major opps. so i got to rip, 15minutes of quilting took just under 2 hours to remove *sigh*.
i never did finish the quilt


Lorie said...

So you long arm for others? Whether or not I'm jealous...the good kind! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oooh... I hate seam ripping! But on the bright side, at least it is complete and still not sitting there to be torn out yet.

I need a longarm! That pattern will be really cool!

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