are you ready for this?

seriously ready? because it's going to be a shock!

guess what i did tonight???


QUILTED!!!! yes, you read that right! with my Christmas cards all completed, i can finally get some quilting of my own done. and good thing too since i have 3 Christmas projects i haven't even started yet lol!

this is another Moda Chocolat charm square quilt(the border is their Roman Holiday line). i did something different this time, i actually measured the quilt before putting the borders on. i am famous for full borders(as a long-armer i should know better lol!) and i was surprised(really i was) at how easy it was. in my mind, it's more trouble to cut a border sew it on that have to trim the ends than measuring before hand.

so this is done. no, it's not a Christmas present. i have no idea where or what i will do with this since i made another charm square quilt last month for the wall above our bed. i haven't machine quilted that one yet either lol!!


Three Birds Inspired said...

Pretty quilt...I am the "Princess of All Things Moda" so I especially like this one! I have 4 or 5 charm packs of Chocolat that I have every intention of turning into a quilt for my queen size bed as soon as I finish EVERYTHING else I need to complete!

Chris Scrappin and Stampin in Texas said...

Gorgeous...I love that line. I just got some charms for my birthday..

Sorry that someone stole your christmas decorations..I hate it when I hear things like this.

Happy Holidays! chris

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