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my apologies for the horrible lack of posts this past week. Jim left Thanksgiving for his annual hunting trip(he's on his way back home today) i ended up working on one quilt the entire week. with only me doing all the kids stuff, i didn't get any good long stretches for quilting.

this is the quilt. its being entered in the Chilliwack Quilting Guilds quilt show this saturday(if you are in the area, come on out. mom and i will have a both there selling threads and patterns)

we ended up putting an extra piece of batting in the quilt as the floral points were really pointing(had the hopping foot get caught once or twice-ack) she also used a sateen sheet for the backing;i ended up going through FIVE needles-good thing i know a great place where i can get more ;) lol

she picked up the quilt today and literally freaked. her reaction was the best, she was thrilled. i have a feeling i might be getting more quilts from her again!

quilting pattern-drifting leaves by Darlene Epp and a wonderful new thread called Cucirini Tre Stelle


Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

Where is the quilt show at?

Three Birds Inspired said...

Pretty quilt and I love the leaf quilt pattern. Your Halloween quilt is very sweet.

Alisa said...

Where is the quilt show...? I would love to go.. of course :-)

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