where i work

have had people wondering about where i work so here are some pictures. originally, this was mom's quilting studio. we sold premade quilts. than last September, mom bought longarm supplies and that took over lol. we sell patterns and threads and accessories, mostly for longarm quilting machines, but have some things for home quilters/sewers as well. you can see our racks of threads throughout out the pictures. also mom's millennium machine

so here is all our goodies-pattern wall. peeking on the left of the pictures is our wall of thread
books and more threads

my liberty machine is upstairs at mom and dad's. there was just no way we could fit it in the quilting studio. luckily for me, the upstairs of the house used to have a suite so Libby is located in what used to be the kitchen

i have a great view


Leah Spencer said...

Thanks for the tour!! I really enjoyed it. Didn't realized you worked at your parents house. :)

Julie Mutch said...

Hi Rhonda!

What a great space! You must be in quilting heaven!
I admire your work all the time and can't get over all the beautiful quilts that you make. You certainly look busy! You go, Girl! :)
Thanks for sharing with us! and have a great day!


Alisa said...

Wow! I'd love to swing by one day and see it in real life. Is this where I will be picking up the 505? Are you there on Thursdays? That's dh's day off, so I can usually get some 'alone time' - no kids.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that really looks like QUITE the place! How many hours a day do you work? I guess your baby is in school now. Just like mine. Waaaaaaaah! LOL

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