oh man

i did a baaaaaaaad thing today. had a customer quilt to do today. loaded up and was off and running. finished the first row and realized i had forgotten to change my needle before i started(can you see where this is going?)

got the needle changed, was just getting into the second row and Libby made this horrible sound and stopped dead-totally turned off. the needle had fallen out. i was able to change the fuse(figured that out lol) everything looked good so i figured i would do a test run. and the needle got stuck(i was able to move the hand wheel and get it out) i assume from reading my manual that i've warped the timing. uggggggh. Jim has offered to go over with me tomorrow and attempt to fix the timing but he's not going near Lois. not that i don't trust him, but dad has fixed mom's timing before and i figure Jim and i could possibly make the problem worse-insert a giant sigh here.

1 comment:

Theresa said...

OH DEAR!!! Did you get it fixed?!?!?

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