mom ended up having 2 customer quilts to complete yesterday. don't tell, but she totally forgot about one until the customer called at 9am yesterday to ask if it was ready lol!

funnily, mom ended up quilting one quilt on my machine and i did the bigger one on hers . it was/is a huge quilt-95x104, didn't get all of it in the picture

also learned a very valuable lesson about quilting when you are tired(had had 4hrs of sleep the night before. i was not awake at all!) we pulled the quilt off, i took my pictures and mom suggested i take one from the back(plain backing, the quilting showed up fantastically). we flipped the quilt over and discovered that i had skipped an entire row in the quilting! thankfully it was a pretty easy fix *whew*!

Chaos by Lorien quilting pattern

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Lisa said...

One of the cardinal rules is to *always* hang the quilt up after you are done and look at both sides. You'll find any threads you didn't cut or bury, and lovely little surprises like missing rows - or just stand back and admire your good work!

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