school's out for summer

had a busy two days wrapping up the school year. yesterday J was awarded a citizenship award in the year end assembly. sorry about the picture quality-the lightening was horrible

his class than performed a song using the rain sticks they had made in class. his teacher said that each rain stick has 100 safety pins-i hope its a well made stick!

today was A's graduation. i can't believe my baby is going into high school this fall! again, super crappy pictures-one unimpressed mom lol. A is soooo excited for September, he is the only student out of both grade 6 classes not going to the same middle school as everyone else. we have A enrolled in a local private school and he can't wait to start. Jim and i are thrilled how excited A is about it

and one last shot of B at his desk-his report card was amazing!

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Anonymous said...

So does that mean everybody is sleeping in tomorrow? Because that's what we did here today! It was so great :-)

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