my stress level has reached the breaking point. how do i know? while on the way to the dentist today with Jim, B and M, my heart started racing, i couldn't breath and i passed out. it happened 2 more times-the second time i was on the phone with my mom, Jim was in the dentist. mom called the dentist and Jim came racing out and drove me to the ER.

I ended up having an ECG done, chest xrays and blood work. good news, everything came back normal. bad news, it stress. dr literally told me to hire a nanny(and pay for that exactly how?) he wanted to prescribe me some anti depressants and a tranquilizer and I turned both down. than he wrote in my chart that I was being unco-operative lol.

I have an appointment on Thursday with the hospital here to get a heart monitor that I will have to wear for 24hours. and of course all of this has just caused me more stress. having B and M at the hospital with me for 4 hours wasn't how i planned on spending their ProD day. now everything that i didn't get done today, i'll have to do tomorrow. and yet again, Jim is gone next week. i'm supposed to be going to a huge quilt show on Friday with mom for work. not sure how that is going to work if i have to be wearing this stupid heart monitor(which i've already told mom and Jim i ain't doing!) and the dr was wondering why i'm stressed?


dawnmercedes said...

Yikes...I hope things go well for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Quiltie! That's scary!

Tsk tsk - don't be uncooperative with your Dr! lol

Hope everything's ok and that it's just stress and nothing more serious.

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Whoah!!! I haven't seen your posts, they have just been shown as not updated. Ohhh I can imagine the added stress. Do you have any local family that may be able to help a bit???

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