spent today working on my kitchen quilt. i am soooooo unhappy with this pattern! spent most of the day taking apart and resewing-the blocks just do not line up. i double checked my seam allowances, the measurement of my strips. its all what it should be and yet this is what i've been dealing with all day you can see in the top left corner how the edges don't match. i had to take all the strips apart and make my seam a very narrow 1/4 inch-its almost an 1/8th of an inch on some just to get the yellow to chain correctly through the blocks. thankfully there are only 4 of these blocks to complete!

was getting close to completely them(i really want to get this finished up so i can finally get started on my double wedding ring!), was just putting the last row of strips on and discover this as i am pining the strips look how far out that is!!! uggggggggggh! i'm 100% positive that the cutting instructions were wrong in this. hopefully mom can give me a hand tomorrow. i'm hoping the 6 half blocks of these won't be this bad!


Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

oh no! how frustrating. :-(

Barb said...

Oh how frustrating! I had to completely re-sew a quilt that another mom had made for a teacher once. It was a huge mess! Yours isn't too bad, but I know how frustrating it can be! Chin up!! :)

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

ohh nooo, that is so not nice. Sorry to hear. I hope it all works out without too many more frustrations.

Claire said...

Sorry this isn't going to well, not that i would know.
Just thought that i would let you know that i have nominated you for best hobby blog on bloggers choice award.

crpitt said...

Don't forget to put the voting badge on your blog somewhere and you will rake in some well deserved votes!

Jennifer said... least you have enough patience you didn't throw it away. It would be in the landfill by now if I was doing it. lol

And I think it looks great, it's going to be wonderful when it's done.

jmb said...

This is so frustrating isn't it? I used to quilt using a half inch seam because that's what I was taught. We had to draw a pencil line on the seam and then try to match the pieces up.
Then I went to rotary cutting, have a Pfaff equivalent of Little Foot and have had much less trouble.

I have a picture of two quilts on my blog today for Photo Hunters. The theme was Hobby. The first one is a totally reversible one made with the Sharon Pederson technique which I learned in a class with her.
Happy quilting.
nobody important

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