garden party

my cousin and her family spent the afternoon with us. Tracy and i went to the local home and garden show. we literally stuffed her car full of new plants(this one guy was killing himself watching us trying to shove Tracy's TREE into her car. and it was hailing at the time too lol!) we both got some beautiful plants at the most amazing prices. Jim and Alex both said when we got home that neither of us needed more plants lol. i honestly have no idea where mine will go in the garden-i need another one!

we had a wonderful visit-they weren't here long enough though. had a yummy salmon BBQ for dinner and the cake i posted below(both were fantastic) it was a fabulous day

hope you all had great weekends


Valerie said...

Oh I am just itching to buy plants. I put in a request for Mother's Day (aren't I rotten?) - I want plants! Lol* Still have a few weeks before our last frost though. :(

Rose Johnston said...

buying plants is fun.....fitting them in the garden is hubbys job glad ur weekend was great!!!!

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