i've been tagged

by Kai

Six Weird Things About Me:

1. if i hadn't gotten married/had kids, i would be a photojournalist in Thailand/Laos/Vietnam

2. growing up i never wanted to get married

3. i am actually a very shy person(i really am!)

4. in elementary school, i read the entire school library(got a cool award for it too lol)

5. i've never been to a nightclub

6. i'm double jointed


Anonymous said...

The ENTIRE library? Holy shite!

I'm actually a shy introvert too - not that you'd know it from all my talk about pubic hair, Crunchy's girly bits etc. ROFL!

If you live where I 'think' you live, we'll have to get together if I ever end up going to training there - we could head to a nightclub :-)

Barb said...

NEAT things about you... not weird at all, although that reading the whole library is just AMAZING! Wow!

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