beware-vent ahead

so 10days until Christmas. i'm sitting here with 5 things that HAVE to be quilted for the big day. 1 needs mailed yet so i'm getting into panic mood. can't use the quilting machine. saying mom is backlogged is an understatement. she gets these gorgeous custom work quilts(she creates the quilting pattern specifically for the quilt as she goes along) normal proceduere is for her to have the quilt for a month before the customer expects it back. mom took most of the summer off-didn't quilt between May and September. now she is totally doubting her ability to quilt. as a result, she leaves these quilts until 3 or 4 days before they are due than compeltely panics that she can't do them. as a result, she basically has had to do a quilt every 2 days to catch up. course the power going off every single day this week hasn't exactly helped.

i've talked to her about this. she is a fantastic quilter. if she sucked, would the biggest quilting store in the valley be bringing her quilts to do? would she have people bringing her quilts for the 3rd/4th time? would she be as busy if she sucked? she knows the answer to all those questions. almost every week, i do the mom peptalk. i should embroidery it on a pillow for her.

than this week. she sold her old machine back in June-delivered it to the lady way up north vancouver island. she hasn't even put it together yet. she called mom last week; they were driving home from Calgary and wanted to stop by and have mom show her one or two things on the machine. A-training sessions on the longarm go for $1000 for 3 days(trust me, you get your moneys worth) the woman we bought the longarm business from does the trainging courses. mom, being the kindhearted person she is, said sure. here we are on FRIDAY and this woman and her husband are still at my parents house. they have been staying there since Wednesday morning. supposedly they are going home tomorrow. mom has been training this lady since Wednesday for NOTHING. i'm peeved-can you tell? spent 6 hours at mom's today waiting to use the machine. she promised we would get my 3 most urgent quilts done. i wasn't allowed to do them-she wanted to show this lady some techniques on my quilt. techniques she was to teach me today.

now i have to find some time this weekend to get over to mom's and get these quilts finished. should i mention that mom and dad are gone overnight tomorrow for a chirstmas party? ugh

vent over-wasn't that fun?


Barb said...

Sorry it's been so stressful! :(
I hope things get better soon... it's almost Christmas, so really, the stress must almost be over, right? :S

QuiltNut Creations said...

i'm hoping so. mom has 1 quilt left that she should be able to get done tomorrow than i can get mine finished and still be done for Christmas lol

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